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    Sportsmen, Outdoorsmen, and Wildlife enthusiasts are some of our favorite people.  Not only are they the backbone of conservation here in America but overall they are just great people to meet and know in your community.  These fine folks are some of the last besides the farmers that are tuned into the land, the forests, the streams and rivers, and the wildlife.  

One of the great hobbies that has been flourishing in our outdoor community is trail camera photography.  Here at the Conservation District we love to see the pics you capture almost as much as we like hearing about and helping out with your plans and challenges helping your property flourish as a haven for wildlife.  There is nothing like sharing in the excitement and wonder that arises from a great trail camera picture. Plus, let’s face it: most people will never see some of the spaces and animals pictured.  

With that in mind we thought we’d offer a prize for the best trail camera picture!  Share your greatest pics and enter to win bragging rights and a cash prize of $50.00.  You may enter as many pictures as you like, but you must upload them through our website. We are interested in your big buck pics but also other wildlife too.

Photos submitted may be used in future promotions and materials and will help promote wildlife and conservation within Scioto County.  Please see disclaimer here on the website and also on our submission form.  Deadline for submissions will be October 31, 2018.  Please include a township or area where your photo was taken like “Rarden, near Scioto Brush creek” or “Ashley Corner”.  We won’t give away your special hunting grounds but we would like to give a nod to your corner of the county.

Submission Form (Google)

Photo Submission requires agreement with the following statement:

I attest that this is my original photograph. I understand that upon submission, this photo becomes the property of the Scioto Soil and Water Conservation District. I hereby grant permission to the Conservation District to use this photo at its discretion, with no compensation to me or to any of the subjects in the photo. When the photo is of identifiable people, I have obtained the permission of those in the photo to submit this photo for use by the Conservation District.


For other ways to submit your photos please contact us @7402599231