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The Conservation District holds regular board meetings that are open to the public and hosts educational and outreach events throughout the year.  Check back regularly and follow us on social media to keep up to date with all of the great things happening for Conservation in Scioto County.

April 2024

                          April 11th  - SWCD Special Board Meeting to discuss budget

May 2024          May 7th - SWCD Board Meeting

                            May 20th - CSI Registrations Due

                           May 27th - Office Closed - Memorial Day

June 2024          

                            June 4th - SWCD Board Meeting

July 2024

                               July 1st - 3rd CSI Camp  

                              July 4th - Office Closed - Fourth of July

                              July 9th  - SWCD Board Meeting

August 2024

                               August 5th - 10th Scioto County Fair

                                August 13th - SWCD Board Meeting


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