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Showy Northeast Native Wildflower & Grass Seed Mix (1 oz. packet) A mix of native wildflowers and prairie grasses that will provide a wonderful display of color from spring through summer. This full sun/part shade mixture contains drought resistant species that attain an average height of 2-3 ft. Excellent for native meadows and wildflower patches. Covers 200 sq. ft. Mix contains (subject to change): Mix Composition Little Bluestem, Sideoats Grama, Virginia Wildrye; Purple Coneflower; Partridge Pea; Lanceleaf Coreopsis; Blackeyed Susan; Butterfly Milkweed; Oxeye Sunflower, Tall White Beardtongue, Smooth Blue Aster, Marsh Blazing Star, New England Aster,Blue False Indigo, Ohio Spiderwort, Golden Alexanders, Wild Bergamot, Wild Senna, Narrowleaf Mountainmint, Aromatic Aster, Zigzag Aster, Yellow False Indigo, Hairy Beardtongue, Orange Coneflower, Maryland Senna, Early Goldenrod, Gray Goldenrod.

Wildflower and Grass Seed Mix - 1oz

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