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2024 Tree Seedling Sale

The Scioto Soil and Water Conservation District Annual Tree Sale is underway.  This service has been offered to county residents for many years and we are proud to continue this tradition.  Tree seedlings, seed mixes, birdhouses, and more can be ordered from the district now through February 15. 2024.

Orders will be accepted in the office, or the mail.  For a printable order form please see our link to the pdf brochure on this page. Your Tree Sale orders will be available for pickup once the ground conditions are right at the tree nursery.  We anticipate the pickup date around March 22nd at our office in Lucasville, Ohio.  The pickup date will be on Friday only and we will send confirmation emails or a postcard to remind you.

If you have any questions please contact the district at 740-259-9231 ext. 4 or by email:


Seedling Size: Tree and Shrub seedlings are typically between 6 to 18 inches tall, depending on the species.  

Seedlings should be planted within 5 days after pick-up and then watered regularly.  
Planting instructions will be given at pick-up.

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